Trump, GOP path to tyranny comes into focus

  1. Manufactured crimes and evidence — The resistance has mostly laughed off the Q-Anon phenomenon with its wild suggestion that Q-Anon is a national security operative with knowledge of a secret operation by Trump and others to roll up an international child porn ring supposedly run by Democrats. It’s outlandish, but what if Q-Anon actually is a national security operative, but one working for the Russian government to help Trump? What if Q-Anon is laying the groundwork for a massive ‘kompromat’ campaign using child pornography planted on Democrats’ computers by Russian hackers? It’s something they’ve done before on a small scale. A Russian dissident in London was arrested in 2016 after such material was found on his machine but charges were dropped after a forensic analysis of the computer found the material to have been planted.




Average citizen

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Unum E Pluribus

Unum E Pluribus

Average citizen

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